Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Specificity takes guesswork out of training. This training principle states that for an individual to become proficient at any given movement, that movement itself must be trained and practiced.The body will adapt to the specific type of training paced upon it.

The human body responds efficiently to gradual and progressive challenges. For progression to continue and physical exhaustion to be avoided, the exercise stimulus must be regularly increased.

Overload is introduced by increasing the intensity, duration or frequency of an established level of exercises. This can be done by adding another training bout during the week, lengthening the training, sessions, or training at a higher level of cardiovascular intensity.

Consistent exercise is essential for maintaining the benefits of exercise, because these benefits cannot be stored; instead they are reversed. If a person stops exercising, the body will adapt yo the decreased exercise demands and start to decline from the previous fitness level.

Training effect
Fitness levels are improved with regular, progressively overloaded training programs. At this point a maintenance stage should be established and there is no need to continue overloading.

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