Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tyra Banks takes a stand!

Love her! On America's Next Top Model last night, the model that seemed to have an eating disorder, or at least, a distorted body image was sent packing! In my opinion, there are others there thinner, but that particular model's image of her body and how she treated it, was enough reason for her to leave. The others are naturally thin, probably eat whatever and stay so...but she admitted to not eating to stay thin, which is UNHEALTHY.

Hey, we all can't be a size negative, or zero, or whatever the heck the average top model is. But guess what, she could still be a model at a healthy size 4 or 6 if that is what her body naturally gravitates to. I think she said "I was a lot heavier before." And then she says she weighed 135, now she's 110. SHE IS 5'10"! What kind of nonsense are we feeding women?

And I don't think they noticed her weight much before. The way the show is set up, they are cast and then go home for awhile before the show starts. I think in that time, she starved herself to get thinner. Hmmmm. Maybe she thought that's what the industry wants. I hope she had a wake-up call.

But in her exit interview she replied that unless 3-4 other modeling agencies said she was too thin, she wouldn't change her look. Wow! Tyra needs to offer her counseling.

Again, WE are so obsessed with being thinner. I know I WAS. A size four wasn't small enough, I still wanted to lose. That is not me anymore. Long as I eat healthy and exercise, I will just appreciate the body that I have. Let's wake up people!

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