Thursday, September 2, 2010

Identifying with a size zero

Size Zero: I'm going to be a pescetarian.

KStyle: Cool. Why?

Size Zero: I need to lose 10 pounds before my wedding.

KStyle: Why?

Size Zero: So I can fit into my wedding dress, or any dress for that matter.

(Me thinking where the heck will that 10 pounds come from.)

KStyle: Let me ask you, what size do you wear?

Size Zero: Anywhere from a zero to a four.

And you thought only the "thick," "plus-sized," and the "overweight" had problems?

I had so many problems with this conversation. First, I never believe that changing to vegetarian, or even pescetarian (fish only) would prompt a drastic weight loss. It doesn't!

Two, if you see this size zero woman, trust me, there is not 10 pounds she can spare to lose. The only suggestion, and I have made this to her, is she needs to tone up. She's the "skinny fat" you hear about. Skinny every where, but flabby. Whenever she wears jeans, there's a pronounced overhang in the abdomen region, better known as muffin-top.

But she's a die-hard cardio queen, like I am...or was. I have preached to her about the importance of strength training, that's all she needs. Killing the treadmill for hours a day WILL NOT get rid of that muffin top.

I typically don't ask women what size they wear. It doesn't really matter to me. I have a good gauge at guessing a person's size, and I'm pretty good at it. And there is NOTHING wrong with being a size zero. She doesn't look overtly skinny to me, she looks fine. But I'm afraid the 10 pound loss would put her on the "looks sick" side of thin, especially if she does not ST to tone up. I'm anywhere from a size four to an eight, but I don't look it. Because STRENGTH TRAINING tones you down and make you appear leaner.

But what do I know. It's her body to lose the 10 pounds for. When she wants my real input about it, I'll gladly give it to her and set up a training plan for her.

Sometimes, it's hard to be a personal trainer, when everyone asks but does not follow your advice!

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  1. I hate when people ask for advice and then refuse to even consider it! Oh well, she will have to learn for herself. Thanks for the ST reminder, I need to add some more of that back into my routine.