Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting the weight off once and for good

"I'm a yo-yo dieter."

The bad term there is "diet." Most fitness professionals don't use the term, and I am one of those. Call it anything else but a "diet." I prefer "lifestyle change." The change part means, you are making some adjustments to your current lifestyle. You are watching your food intake, cutting calories, adding exercise, or whatever it is you need to do to lose the weight. The lifestyle part is simply what it says, this is not a fad or one time thing, this is something you will be doing FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!

Most people don't get this. They want the quick fix. They want that special occasion, "How can I lose 10 pounds for my (insert--reunion, birthday, anniversary, holiday, special occasion)."

Okay, fine, I can HELP you, but then what? Will you stop having a healthy lifestyle and continue eating what you ate before, and thus gaining it all back and then some? This is the "yo-yo dieter." They are doing temporary "diets" that really don't work. Anyone can lose 10 pounds quickly by doing one of those fad diets (if they stick to it by the letter), but after that period of time is over, have they learned how to stay healthy and at their ideal weight?

You want the weight off once and for good? Make it a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Don't cut out carbs in your lifestyle change if you know you can't permanently give it up. Cut back on it, eat whole wheat, watch your portion sizes. But whatever you do, don't cut out something that you know will be hard to give up. Moderation is the key.

Same with sugar, chocolate, salt, fast food, French fries (my weakness) and other foods that you crave. For me, I have French fries on special occasions, which is not that often, maybe once every two months or so (if that). Instead, I make a healthy baked fry, sometimes with sweet potatoes, and I don't miss the fried kind at all. Still have to watch my intake of those, but at least I don't feel too guilty about it.

Whatever your weakness is, find a healthier version, and keep it down to a low moderation. A health lifestyle does not mean you can't enjoy pizza once in awhile. It does not mean you can't go out and be social with your friends and have a drink. It does not mean celery sticks and bland foods either. Everyone's healthy lifestyle will be different from another, so don't try and copy what others do.

Do YOU, and I'll do ME!!

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