Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If not at the gym, at home!

But just workout!! Why is it so hard for some people to workout? Why do we (me included) come up with some of the LAMEST excuses?

For the most part, I exercise daily. But then there are those days I come up with crazy excuses.
“Well, I ate good today, so I can skip my workout.”

“Well, I ate so bad today, why even bother.”

RIGHT!! I’ll admit it if you will!

When I belonged to a gym, I was obsessed with getting there EVERY DAY!! If I missed a day, I did not work out at all. So you know when that weather got bad, many workouts were missed. What a waste when I have oodles of workouts at home.

Actually, I really prefer workouts at home and have given up on joining gyms (well, not given up, but it’s not feasible now.) But I can get any great workout at home! Through DVD workouts, designing my own, dancing for 30 minutes, going walking in the park, and if I ever put it together, riding my stationary bike.

I get many people asking me which is better, the gym or at home. Only you can answer that. I like both and can get great workouts at either, but I PREFER home. Some people don’t feel motivated enough at home, they need the accountability of showing up at a class, or they need to make the rounds at the weight station. Do whatever works for you.

If you are a do-it-at-home type of person, make sure you have a variety of workouts that include strength training. Make sure you have several sizes of weight and increase the weights as you progress. Resistance tubing, weighted bars, gloves, barbells, and a bench are also nice to have for strength training. Other equipment to use at home is: stability ball, jump rope, step, resistance tube door straps, medicine ball and a mat.

All you need are a few DVDs in your collection to have a nice rotation. My faves are: Hip Hop Abs, Turbo Jam, Tae Bo, The Firm and P90X. But there are so many workouts out there, find something you enjoy and just do it!

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