Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LWMC here I come!

This was cool.

So I'm studying my LWMC material. Still in Chapter 15 after many weeks. It's a killer chapter. I'm finally finishing Chapter 15 in the workbook. At the end of each section there are some "Show what you know" problems for us to do. Basically like case studies of clients we will be working with. The last one states this:

"Joe has been your client for several weeks and seems to be successfully changing his eating habits with the exception of late-night snacking. What would you suggest to help Joe solve this problem"

SO I'm thinking, hmm, the self-monitoring and problem-solving I did for myself a few blogs ago would be perfect. Gee! I'm smarter than I know. Here's what the book answered.

"Determine what is causing the behavior by asking him is he is hungry, bored, or stressed while he is snacking. If he is hungry, suggest that he eats more calories during the day [Which is one of the hypotheses that I came up with for myself!] If he is bored, suggest that he get out of the house for a walk, stay busy, or stay away from snacks by doing something productive. If he is stressed, suggest that he incorporate relaxation techniques into his daily routine to reduce the likelihood of eating to alleviate stress. If Joe doesn't know why he is snacking, suggest that he keep a log to note the factors that seem to precede and follow the late-night snacking during the week, along with his thoughts and feelings while he is snacking. Once he understands the factors that contribute to the behavior, he can take steps to change them."

I loved their answer as well as mine. So people, I am getting my head in the right place with this LWMC. I may pass the test after all!

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