Friday, December 16, 2011

Ways to Burn 100 Calories in 10 minutes

I got this list from Spark People.  If you are not on that site, you need to be.  I need to incorporate more of these.

1. Cycling (12+ mph) or mountain biking

2. Racquetball

3. Running (at least 12 minutes per mile)

4. Swimming laps or treading water

5. Playing basketball

6. Spinning class or stationary biking

7. Rowing

8. Boxing

9. Martial arts

10. Digging (heavy yard work)

11. Jumping rope (continuously)

12. Jumping jacks

13. Rock climbing

14. Walking on the treadmill (at least 4 mph with a 5% incline)

15. Water jogging

16. Kettlebell training

*Calories burned estimates based on a 160-pound woman. Men and people who weigh more will typically burn more calories for the same activity.

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