Friday, December 2, 2011

Workout Review: Wii Biggest Loser Challenge

I won this game as part of the second place prize with the Just Lose It Challenge.

I really liked it! Of course, there is a lot more to this than what I played last night, so it will be fun uncovering everything. First I did a Fitness test with Bob that lasted 25 minutes. Halfway in, when I forgot it was just a test, I was thinking, really? There were no breaks, you just had to keep up with him. I tried my best, but I think I could have done better. Burned 114 calories in 25 minutes.

It actually said I did pretty good. There are five levels ranging from easy/beginner to Intense. They put me on the one right under Intense, HARD. Okay, I’ll take that! I may go back and do the easier workouts as well. We all have days we want to take it easy.

So then I started an overall body workout, chose Jillian as my trainer and selected a 30 minute workout. That was the longest 30 minute workout ever! Actually in the end, it said 36 minutes, so no wonder it felt so long.

Jillian was the main trainer in the screen, but Bob sure talked a lot off-screen I kept wondering if I picked the right trainer. The options were: Bob, Jillian or both. I either picked both or Bob is just all over this thing. There was a warm-up, and then we went right into it. Some of the moves were: jump rope high-knee, fast skaters, jumping jacks, punch combos, push-ups, so much more.

One complaint: between each set, Jillian just stood there as they got ready for the next move. I recommend continuing to move in place, which I did.

Second Complaint: You go back and forth using the Wii step, having to keep moving it out the way, and bringing it back. A little weird. That and keep moving the remote form right to left hand to right pocket (which, who has pockets on their workout clothes)

I did appreciate that we got water breaks, versus in the test, you just go for 25 minutes.

Overall, I think it was a great workout, and definitely tough for me, a die-hard fitness fanatic. It was even tough, I skipped some moves (burpies, uh no!) For anyone who does not go to a gym regularly, or likes to think of it as a game (you get points) then this is great for you. I burned 205 calories in 36 minutes, so that’s a total of 319 in 60 minutes.

Other things about the game. You do get weigh, enter your height and age and sex. This helps build your workout. You also set weight loss goals and how many weeks you want to workout, and how many days a week. It also asks you to take measurements: neck, chest, waist, hips. I didn’t have a tape measure handy, so I just guessed. I will take those measurements soon and update.

I think it’s only about $20 so a good investment.

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