Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: Do you need a size goal?

#2 is still not a winner. So I need to go really hard for the last 3 weigh-ins. Here are the results:

1. Chris R. 13.953%

2. Me 12.025%

3. Tonya 9.422

Three more weigh-ins and I am really nervous. It gets harder to lose the last 10 pounds, so I have decided to go high raw AND kick up my workouts a notch. 2-3 hours, high intensity workouts. I want sweat on the floor! I am trying my darnest to get in a morning workout for the calorie burn power of it, but ummm….still a work in progress.

I have my eye on winning this and becoming the first woman to do so! Yes, I feel like a contestant on the Biggest Loser, but that makes it exciting. The prize is nice too, but I am loving feeling healthy and strong again. And wearing cute clothes!!

Over the weekend I went shopping in my closet. You know, where you have your smaller sized clothes you have not worn in awhile but now you can fit and look smoking hot!! I know I am not the only one with a large size range in their closet. Mine starts as small as 3-4 and all the way up to 12 on a bad day. Well, not many 12s, I gave them all away when I lost the weight the first time. But I had maybe 2-3 things I could not part with (and my sister thinks I should save since I yo-yo between sizes so much). Right now I would say I am comfortable in 6-8.

Yesterday I had on size 6 jeans and the fit fine, except the push up my muffin top. Today I have on 8s and they are falling off! So I’m going to say I’m officially back to my 6s, which I am very comfortable in, and if I can stay a size 6 forever, I’d be happy! But I have more weight to lose, and so I will probably be a 4 again. Don’t want to go any smaller than that (well, not really, but for Camp Do More next year, I would love to be a 2…just to meet Chalene and look my absolute best)

Not really thinking about a “size” per se, or even a weight goal, but I want to be toned and sleek, with rocking abs and chiseled arms. To do that, I need to drop my body fat really low, so I will be working on that next year. Weight lifting will be my obsession.

No matter what the size on that tag says, I say be healthy!

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