Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Lose It Challenge: Look at me now!

That’s my theme for this week, in my Chris Brown voice, “Look at me now, look at me now….I’m getting paper!”

Well, okay, not really. But if I WIN this challenge, the prize is worth more than paper! I have no idea what the prize is….I guess losing the weight is the prize.

So last week, I did not weigh in because I had not loss anything. I still could have weighed in and kept my free pass (we can miss 2) but I thought it would be a great game play. Weeellll….

1. Chris R. 10.832%
2. Ida 10.00%
3. ME  9.494%
4. Tonya  9.422%

With my weight staying the same, I only dropped to 3rd place!

But I have to come HARD for this week’s weigh in (see my theme from last week, HUSTLE HARD). The top 4 are soooo flippin close it’s anybody’s game. This is my perfect chance to take the lead and run with it but I need a BIG number this week. I will weigh-in tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

I'm learning a lot with this challenge. you CAN push yourself harder than ever. You CAN challenge yourself to DO MORE!  I don't believe in the "just 30 minutes of walking a day." mentality.  As a trainer, if you come to me, don't look for easy!  Look to work out like never before.  And if that is too easy, I will just push you some more.

I push myself. Even when I feel like, "Well, I already worked out an hour....that's enough." HECK NO!  To stay in the top, to compete with people double my size, I cannot slow down.  They are getting more aggressive, so I have to as well.  I had to mix my workouts up a bit, and my eating needs yet another makeover!  I change both every few weeks.

So no excuses here, nope, don't want them!  I'm aiming for the number 1 spot next week and nothing less.

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