Tuesday, January 17, 2012

P90X Week 3 Day 17

Well, honestly, I have missed more days than I planned to with this, but guess what? No worries! I am going to keep pushing through and try my best and do it every day, that’s all I can do!

Last night I did Shoulders and Back. This one is not that bad. I like it enough…though all those push-ups, GEESH! I need to get to the point I can do regular push-ups and not the girl ones all the time. Two, to do a dive-bomber would be heaven. I just look at them on the DVD like, “Yeah, right!”

I can feel my arms, shoulders and back getting stronger. I can’t wait to see my body totally transform! I’m sure I would be seeing better results if my eating was better. I do good during the week….the weekend comes, then its anything goes!

Well, I will be starting another Just Lose It contest starting next week, so ummm, my weekends need to be on point! I will start with a Monday weigh-in like I did last time, but gradually shift over to Thursday like I did before.

This time, I have my sister in it with me, as well as several of my sorority sisters. Friendly competition between us will egg me on! I’m not striving to win this like before….not even second place…..but to be in the Top 10 would be AMAZING!!


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