Tuesday, January 24, 2012

P90X Week 4 Day 24

I’ve skipped too many workouts. More than I wanted to. I was going to repeat week 3, but you know what, I’m going ahead with Week 4 with some modifications. I missed Legs day twice, and have yet to do Kenpo X at all (which happens to be my fave). So I will add those in this week.

Tonight I will do Arms and Shoulders, my second fave. I also will go for a run/walk. I am trying to aim for 120 of exercise minutes...or roughly so. Some of the P90X workouts are not a full 60 minutes…but it sure feels like it.

I’m excited to get to Week 5. I don’t think I made it that far last time. I think I will stick with it better in this next Phase as I really want to see the results, and two, the Just Lose It Challenge has begun and I need some good hardcore workouts in the next 12 weeks.

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