Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 84: Where does the energy come from?

When you are very, very busy like me, where do you find the time to workout?

You just do!

I am dead tired, no lie, but I got my workout in at 10 p.m.  Hey, if that's the only time I have, I make it count! I am so not the morning person, so when I try to wake up early to get it in, I FAIL every time.  getting it in at night, for me has been the best option and I have been working out like crazy for years now. 

But when you are sooooooo busy, schedule it in like anything else you do.  I put it on my To-Do list like everything else.  And there is something about striking things off my To-Do list I like.

Today felt like the first time in awhile I went out 110% with my workout.  I have been getting in short daily workouts, 20-30 minutes, but tonight I got my hour in! I practiced my Beyonce Move Your Body workout by doing it 4 times in a row. Whew! Love it!  This is definitely a good workout...well, don't do it just one time and think you're doing something.  I say at least 4-5 times.

After that, I did Turbo Jam Cardio Party.  I wanted to do Hip Hop hustle or Abs, but both of those might have irritated my achy ankle, so TJ worked fine.  That was a whole 43 minutes! I did it all!  No stops, no break! AND I killed that workout and left nothing on the floor but my sweat.

Yeah man!

Total workout time: 60 minutes

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