Monday, May 16, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 85: Walk at Home

I HAVE been working out, I promise!!  Between Blogger being down and just too darn busy to blog, I could not update.

So today I did Beyonce's Move Your Body  four times, just so I can continue to practice this.  I have it down, now on to perfect it.

Then I wanted to take it nice and easy so I did Walk at Home 5-Mile Advanced Walk.  If you have never tried a Leslie Sansone walking workout, TRY IT!  This is probably the ONLY workout that I own that I say beginners and those that have never worked out can do and have no problems with.  It's walking, you can't go wrong with that.

And don't think this is some light-weight workout. Oh no, you can sweat it out with this too (though I did not much because I'm on the Intermediate to advanced side).  I gave it my all, pumping my arms, lifting my knees high and kept my energy high.  You could tone it down and walk a lighter pace.  Leslie gives you options!

This workout is a little different from some of her other workouts.  They have arranged them in FIVE different workouts.

5-Mile Challenge Walk
5-Mile Advanced Walk
3-Mile with Hand Weights
3-Mile with Walk belt
3-Mile with Firm Band

It was a kit that came with the walk belt (the coolest thing ever), hand weights and the bands.  I chose the 3-Mile with Walk Belt.  In previous workouts she called it the Ab Belt because it works the core.  The first two miles were just fast walks, and even one were we did some jogging.  The third mile we used the belt.  But you don't use the belt that much and I wish it was more.

Still a great workout.  You get to work your arms, chest, shoulders and abs, all while walking (which of course works your legs and butt).  Walking is the BEST workout in my opinion.  I prefer to go outside and do it in the park, but when it's extra late (like when I workout) or the weather is bad, Leslie Sansone's are awesome for walking at home.

Try it!

Workout time: 45 minutes

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  1. I found some of her workouts in my cable box's "on demand" section, so I will definitely be trying her soon!