Wednesday, May 4, 2011

100-Day Exercise Challenge Day 82: Move Your Body

So motivated by Beyonce's "Move Your Body" workout, I was doing the dang thing tonight!

I did it FIVE times in a row, no breaks. And since it is 4 minutes long, that is 20 minutes.  I also did about 20 minutes of MJ.  And you don't think dancing is a workout??  WHAT! Stop playing, right?  Dance for twenty minutes straight and then come back and tell me you didn't break a sweat.

Try this workout.  I beg you to.

Here are the mission moves:
Mission 1: Run, knees up, then turn to the side
Mission 2: Shuffle side-to-side
Mission 3: Dougie
Mission 4: Jump rope side to side
Mission 5: Salsa move
Mission 6: Running man
Mission 7: Dancehall
Mission 8: Snap to the beat

Pretty easy.  Everything else if fun too.  Four minutes, so do it over and over again to get a workout.  And really put yourself into it.  Nobody has to see you, but YOU!!

Workout time: 40 minutes

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